Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Emirates Airlines 100th Boeing 777 aircraft visits Dublin Airport

Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300ER 
Emirates Airlines 100th Boeing 777 aircraft visited Dublin Airport on 19th June as A6-EGC B777-300ER operated EK161. The 360-seat Boeing 777-300ER has operating the route since 8th May 2012, which Emirates has described as “one of the airline’s most successful new passenger services”.

On 1st September 2014 Emirates commenced a second daily non-stop flight to Dubai , the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will added capacity of more than 5,000 seats a week in both directions, 98 Boeing 777-300ER and 2 Boeing 777-200LR operated to Dublin.

Emirates is the world's largest operator of the Boeing 777 family, with more than 145 aircraft of this type in its fleet.

Thanks to Paul Lobby from Irish Spotters List for providing his comprehensive list:

01-May-12 A6-EBC EK161
02-May-12 A6-ECN EK161
03-May-12 A6-EGJ EK161
04-May-12 A6-EGD EK161
05-May-12 A6-EGO EK161
06-May-12 A6-EBN EK161
07-May-12 A6-ECK EK161
10-May-12 A6-EGM EK161
11-May-12 A6-EBM EK161
13-May-12 A6-EGP EK161
16-May-12 A6-EBJ EK161
17-May-12 A6-EGG EK161
19-May-12 A6-EGQ EK161
23-May-12 A6-EBI EK161
25-May-12 A6-EBW EK161
29-May-12 A6-EBG EK161
01-Jun-12 A6-ECL EK161
02-Jun-12 A6-ECW EK161
04-Jun-12 A6-ECR EK161
05-Jun-12 A6-EBL EK161
10-Jun-12 A6-ECO EK161
11-Jun-12 A6-EGA EK161
15-Jun-12 A6-ECT EK161
18-Jun-12 A6-EGK EK161
22-Jun-12 A6-EBD EK161
23-Jun-12 A6-EBA EK161
25-Jun-12 A6-EBZ EK161
28-Jun-12 A6-EGR EK161
02-Jul-12 A6-EGT EK161
04-Jul-12 A6-EGN EK161
09-Jul-12 A6-EBB EK161
13-Jul-12 A6-EGL EK161
14-Jul-12 A6-EBE EK161
16-Jul-12 A6-EGF EK161
25-Jul-12 A6-EBS EK161
26-Jul-12 A6-EGU EK161
14-Aug-12 A6-EBK EK161
30-Aug-12 A6-EGVEK161
03-Sep-12 A6-EBX EK161
11-Sep-12 A6-EGW EK161
16-Sep-12 A6-EGX EK161
17-Sep-12 A6-EGH EK161
18-Sep-12 A6-ECG EK161
23-Sep-12 A6-EGS EK161
02-Oct-12 A6-ECH EK161
10-Oct-12 A6-EGY EK161
19-Oct-12 A6-ECE EK161
28-Oct-12 A6-EBH EK161
31-Oct-12 A6-EGZ EK161
03-Nov-12 A6-EBF EK161
06-Nov-12 A6-ECY EK161
07-Dec-12 A6-ECZ EK161
09-Dec-12 A6-ECB EK161
18-Dec-12 A6-ENC EK161
20-Dec-12 A6-ENB EK161
21-Dec-12 A6-END EK161
23-Dec-12 A6-EBV EK161
30-Dec-12 A6-ENA EK161
03-Jan-13 A6-EBP EK161
07-Feb-13 A6-ENE EK161
24-Feb-13 A6-EBT EK161
03-Mar-13  A6-ENG EK161
07-Apr-13 A6-EBO EK161
08-Jun-13 A6-ECA EK161
20-Jun-13 A6-ENI EK161
24-Jun-13 A6-ENF EK161
07-Aug-13 A6-ENH EK161
22-Sep-13 A6-ENJ EK161
30-Sep-13 A6-ENK EK161
28-Oct-13 A6-EGI EK161
09-Nov-13 A6-EGE EK161
18-Nov-13 A6-ENL EK161
05-Dec-13 A6-ECQ EK161
28-Jan-14 A6-EBR EK161
31-Jan-14 A6-EBU EK161
13-Mar-14 A6-ENN EK161
17-Mar-14 A6-ENM EK161
28-Apr-14 A6-EBQ EK161
09-May-14 A6-ENP EK161
19-Jul-14 A6-ENO EK161
30-Jul-14 A6-ENQ EK161
06-Sep-14 A6-ENT EK161
07-Sep-14 A6-ENR EK163
20-Sep-14 A6-ENS EK161
21-Sep-14 A6-EGB EK161
23-Sep-14 A6-ECI EK163
25-Sep-14 A6-ECM EK163
06-Oct-14 A6-ENU EK161
31-Oct-1 A6-ECJ EK163
04-Nov-14 A6-EBY EK161
20-Nov-14 A6-ENV EK163
20-Jan-15 A6-ENX EK161
28-Jan-15 A6-EWE EK161
02-Mar-15 A6-ECD EK163
03-Mar-15 A6-EWC EK163
08-Mar-15 A6-ECP EK161
09-Mar-15 A6-ECX EK163
13-May-15 A6-ENZ EK163
02-Jun-15 A6-ECU EK161
19-Jun-15 A6-EGC EK161
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