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Why attend the IASA Aviation Symposium?

The Irish Aviation Students’ Association is a student body, established and led by a dedicated group of third level education students from various universities and colleges across Ireland. Our passion is aviation and for the last nine months we’ve worked on developing the idea of connecting students with aviation professionals from different areas of the industry. As students we’ve identified a gap and believe we can bring change and bridge that gap. We’ll do so by empowering young, enthusiastic students and graduates to be heard by the industry and enable them to collaborate together and find solutions that will benefit all. The symposium will give us the opportunity to facilitate our objectives. We aim to bring together nearly 200 delegates, which will be comprised of more than 100 students, 50 aviation professionals and academic staff and 20 influential industry guest speakers. The main theme of the symposium focuses on ‘Future Opportunities for the Next Generation of Av