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Where Transaero Airlines Irish Registered aircraft are stored

EI-EUW Boeing 737-7Q8 Transaero Airlines
Russian's second largest carrier Transaero announced on 2nd October it has stopped selling tickets and has set its final day of operations on December 15, according to a statement published in its Facebook page.

“Upon the decision of the Government to reorganize the activities of Transaero, and to ensure the transportation of our passengers, the sales of tickets for our flights has been stopped.” Said the airline. “The transportation of passengers with issued tickets for our domestic and international routes will be up to December 15, 2015. Tickets issued for flights after this date will be fully refunded.”

Transaero has 104 aircraft (only nine are directly owned) Boeing 777, 767 and 737s, with the remainder on financial or operating leases from an number of Irish aircraft lessors. Friday last a brand new Airbus A321 owned by Dublin based ICBC Leasing was delivered from Hamburg into storage at Teruel in Spain.

The airline has four Airbus A380s on order, eight unconfirmed A330-200, 12 A330-900neo and eight A320neo on the books.  Transaero also has four Boeing 747 747-8s on order, at least one of which is built and now being stored.

This list is reproduced with the kind permission of John Dyer NLSPOT Spotters List.

EI-CXN Boeing 737-329 c/n 23772 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-DDK Boeing 737-4S3 c/n 24165 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-DTX Boeing 737-5Q8 c/n 28052 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-ERP Boeing 737-3S3 c/n 29245 stored at Belgrade, Serbia.

EI-ETX Boeing 737-7Q8 c/n 29359 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-EUW Boeing 737-7Q8 c/n 29350 Ferried Dublin-Bangor-Paine Field 06/7-10/15 for Southwest as N7873A.

EI-EUX Boeing 737-7Q8 c/n 29352 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-EUY Boeing 737-7Q8 c/n 23954 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-EUZ Boeing 737-7Q8  c/n 29355 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-LED Airbus A321-211 c/n 6726 stored at Teruel, Spain.

EI-OVB Airbus A321-211 c/n 6756 Delivered Hamburg Finkenwerder-Teruel, Spain 16/10/15 for storage.

EI-RUB Boeing 737-85P/W c/n 33982 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-RUC Boeing 737-86R/W c/n 30494 stored at Moscow Vnukovo, Russia.

EI-RUD Boeing 737-86R/W c/n 30495 stored at Moscow Vnukovo, Russia.

EI-RUL Boeing 737-7K9 c/n 34320 stored at Cambridge, United Kingdom.

EI-RUM Boeing 737-7K9 c/n 34321 stored at Cambridge, United Kingdom.

EI-RUU Boeing 767-36N(ER) c/n 30110 stored at Moscow/Vnukovo.

EI-RUY Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) c/n 29387 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-RUZ Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) c/n 30048 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-UNA Boeing 767-3P6(ER) c/n 26233 stored at St Petersburg, Russia.

EI-UNB Boeing 767-3P6(ER) c/n 26234 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-UNC Boeing 767-319(ER) c/n 29388 parked at Shannon, Ireland for Icelandair.

EI-UNE Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) c/n 29383 stored at Shannon, Ireland.

EI-UNF Boeing 767-3P6(ER) c/n 2623 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-UNH Boeing 737-524 c/n 28916 stored in Russia (location?).

EI-UNJ Boeing 737-86J/W c/n 36883 stored at Teruel, Spain.

EI-UNK Boeing 737-86J/W c/n 36119 stored at Teruel, Spain.

EI-UNM Boeing 777-312 c/n 28534 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-UNR Boeing 777-212(ER) c/n 28523 stored at Moscow Domodedovo, Russia.

EI-UNT Boeing 777-212(ER) c/n 28999 stored in Russia (location?).

EI-UNV Boeing 777-222(ER) c/n 28714 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-UNW Boeing 777-222(ER) c/n 30214 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-UNX Boeing 777-222(ER) c/n 30213 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-VKO Airbus A321-211 c/n 6678 stored at Teruel, Spain.

EI-XLB Boeing 747-446 c/n 26359 stored at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

EI-XLC Boeing 747-446 c/n 27100 stored at Melbourne, Florida.

EI-XLD Boeing 747-446 c/n 26360 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-XLF Boeing 747-446 c/n 27645 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-XLG Boeing 747-446 c/n 29899 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-XLK Boeing 747-412 c/n 29950 stored at Melbourne, Florida.

EI-XLL Boeing 747-412 c/n 28031 stored at Moscow Vnukovo.

EI-XLZ Boeing 747-444 c/n 29119 stored at St Petersburg.

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