Monday, 22 August 2016

‘Nancy Corrigan – Sky Blazer’ to be screened at Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Nacy Corrigan 
GMarsh TV Productions is delighted to announce that documentary ‘Nancy Corrigan – Sky Blazer’ will be screened at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, Wed. October 5th at 12:00 pm – Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. This highly acclaimed and well-attended festival, which celebrates talented filmmakers internationally, brings carefully chosen documentaries from around the globe to Ohio’s film enthusiasts. Prestigious Los Angeles-based MovieMaker magazine has rated the Chagrin event in its ‘Top 50 Film Festivals’.

‘Nancy Corrigan – Sky Blazer’ is the English language version of a film first aired on TG4 in Ireland,  recounts the story of an exceptional woman who in 1929 left her home in Owenduff, Achill, at the tender age of 16, and went on to become a Powers model and trainer of air force pilots during World War II. Nancy first hit the headlines in Cleveland when she took her first solo flight at 19, after less than five hours of instruction.

Gillian Marsh, director of the documentary, has welcomed the announcement from Cleveland: ‘I’m so delighted that this film was selected for the Chagrin Documentary Festival and that Nancy’s story will be told to a Cleveland audience. Nancy was a remarkable young woman who rose above her position to achieve great heights and is an inspiration to us all.’

Brian Masterson, whose mother was Nancy’s first cousin, and who spearheaded a campaign to have Nancy’s memory preserved, said, ‘this screening offers an opportunity for Nancy’s achievements to be celebrated in the land which offered her the chance to live her dream. It is significant that Chagrin is on the East side of Cleveland which is where Nancy worked as a nanny when she took her first flying lessons.’

The original TG4 documentary titled ‘Nancy Corrigan, Spéirbhean Acla’, which enjoyed extensive positive reviews in the national press, including The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, and The Examiner, will be replayed on TG4 on August 30th at 9.30.

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