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Irish Aircraft Leasing News 25-01-2016

                                                  Aer Lingus aircraft T2 Dublin Airport  The latest news on Ireland's aircraft leasing industry AerCap Leased, Purchased and Sold 405 Aircraft in 2015 AerCap announced its transactions during the full year and fourth quarter 2015: Full Year 2015 Transactions Signed lease agreements for 276 aircraft. Purchased 46 new aircraft. Executed sale and part-out transactions for 83 aircraft and signed financing transactions for $7.3 billion. AerCap plays down fears of price war over big jets The head of one of the world's biggest aviation fleets played down the risk of a price war over big jets like the Boeing 777 on Tuesday, saying its U.S. manufacturer would rather sacrifice production than risk damaging its own portfolio. Aengus Kelly, chief executive of AerCap, the world's largest independent aircraft leasing company, told Reuters that Boeing would avoid reckless pricing of the current model in order to shield sales of

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 25-01-2016

                                                  EI-DVA Boeing 737-300 Mistral Air  The information contained is sourced  from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended. Chris Witt/Skyliner : Dublin Movements Blog: Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists : EI-FJD Boeing 737-8JP/W c/n 41143 Norwegian Air International Delivered Boeing Field-Oslo 20/01/16. EI-OZM Airbus A300-622R(F) c/n 722 ASL Airlines Ireland Delivered Istanbul-LEJ 20/01/16 ex HL7244. EI-RUY Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) c/n 29387 AerCap Ferried Shannon-Frankfurt 20/01/16 in Transaero Airlines colours for cabin-config prior paint and prior delivery to Condor. HL8055 Airbus A320-232 c/n 2732 Air Busan Delivered Shannon-Yekaterinburg-Koltsovo-Seoul Incheon 15/01/16 ex EI-FLZ. HP-1923PST Boeing 737-36E(SF) c/n 25159 registe