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Dublin Aerospace wins 5 year multi-million dollar landing gear contract with AirAsia

                                                  Image courtesy of Airbus  The largest low-cost airline in Asia AirAsia has awarded Dublin aerospace a 5 year contract  to Overhaul 46 sets of Airbius A320 Landing Gears. Dublin Aerospace has just completed a successful 1 year trial period overhauling 9 sets of gears, delivering an on-time, cost effective and quality solution meeting the airline’s scheduled maintenance programme. Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, Group Head of Engineering for AirAsia and AirAsia X said, “Dublin Aerospace has shown great support towards the needs that the AirAsia Group have and we are happy to ink this 5-year contract with them. Throughout the trial period, we have worked closely together and the process has been seamless throughout the overhaul process, and not to mention their comprehensive reports and competitive prices. We look forward to continued excellence in their services as we enter into this contract.” The AirAsia Group operates an all-Airbus fleet

Dublin Aerospace Awarded Airbus Belgua APU contract

                                                  Image courtsey of Airbus  Dublin Aerospace has been awarded a long term contract to support Airbus fleet of five Airbus A300-600ST (Beluga) in relation to Component and APU test, repair and overhaul services. These five aircraft perform regular airlift duties carrying fuselage sections and wings between the different European production sites in France, Germany, Spain and UK. The New CEO at Dublin Aerospace, Michael Tyrrell said “We are delighted with the successful outcome and look forward to working closely with the Airbus team in the years to come”. The Beluga is a highly modified version of the A300-600 and features one of the widest fuselage cross-sections of any aircraft, civil or military. Tailored for the transport of heavy and voluminous cargo loads, the Super Transporter is able to carry a payload of 47 metric tonnes (103,616 lb.) over a range of 900 nautical miles (1,667 km). Irish Aviation Research Institute © 2