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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 2 January

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS 
The information contained is sourced  from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

EI-EFR Boeing 737-8AS c/n 7541 Ryanair Ferried Glasgow Prestwick-Bournemouth 15/12/16 for painting into Jelu Air colours prior return to SMBC Aviation Capital.

EI-EFV Boeing 737-8AS c/n 35017 Ukraine International Ferried East Midlands-Dublin 14/12/16 prior delivery.

EI-FJZ Boeing 737-8JP c/n 42082 Norwegian Air International Delivered Boeing Field-Oslo 20/12/16.

EI-FSG Airbus A330-243 c/n 326 Air Leisure parked at Ras Al Khaimah awaiting delivery ex A6-EKX.

EI-FSH Airbus A330-243 c/n 328 Air Leisure parked at Ras Al Khaimah awaiting delivery ex A6-EKY.

EI-FSI Airbus A330-243 c/n 392 Air Leisure parked at Ras Al Khaimah awaiting delivery ex A6-EKZ.

EI-IGU Boeing 737-73V c/n 32422 Air Italy Ferried Naples-St Athan 18/12/16 in Meridiana colours prior return to lessor.

EI-LSN Gulfstream G650 c/n 6092 Gainjet Ireland  Registered at Shannon 13/12/16 ex SX-GSB.

EI-UNU Boeing 777-312 c/n 28998 Vim Airlines Delivered Singapore-Kurumoch 15/12/16 for paint.

F-WTDS ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1342 Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Toulouse-Blagnac-Toulouse-Francazal 15/12/16 for interim storage.

HA-KAD Boeing 737-4Y0(F) c/n 24917 ASL Airlines Hungary Delivered Shannon-Liège 12/12/16 ex N284AL.

N535NK Airbus A319-131 c/n 4403 Spirit Airlines Delivered Goodyear-Grissom 20/12/16 ex EI-FVC leased from CIT Leasing Corporation.

N536NK Airbus A319-131 c/n 4422 Spirit Airlines Registered 15/12/16  at Goodyear prior delivery from CIT Leasing Corporation ex EI-FVD.

N901AS Boeing 737-33A c/n 27469 AerSale Ferried Karachi-Bahrain-Heraklion-Brussels 13-14/12/16 ex AP-BLF.

PK-CRC Boeing 737-8Q8 c/n 35283 Sriwijaya Air Delivered Budapest-Ras Al Khaimah 18/12/16 ex EI-FHB.

SX-GSB  Gulfstream G650 c/n 6092 Gainjet  Delivered Athens-Shannon 11/12/16 for Gainjet Ireland.

VP-BAS Boeing 757-28A c/n 28161 Azur Air Ferried Antalya-Shannon-Bangor-Jacksonville 11-12/12/16 on return to lessor AerCap ex EI-ETS.

VP-BUS Boeing 737-8MC c/n 44435 Rossiya Airlines Delivered Kaunas-Moscow Vnukovo 12/12/16 ex EI-RUS.

ZS-XCH ATR72-201(F) c/n 108 Solenta Aviation Delivered Las Palmas-Port Bouet 17/12/16 in DHL colours ex EI-SLR.

2-RAJB Airbus A320-233 c/n 733 BBAM Aircraft Leasing Ferried St Athan-Keflavik-Bangor 16/12/16 ex UR-AJB.

2-TBXN Boeing 737-71B c/n 29370 AerCap Ferried Guangzhou-Tokyo Narita-Anchorage International-Paine Field 16-17/12/16 for Southwest Airlines ex B-5235.

5Y-KQT Boeing 777-2U8 c/n 33682 Kenya Airways Ferried Nairobi-Shannon 22/12/12 on return to lessor.

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