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DCU Masters student launches survey exploring effectiveness of Flight Time Limitations

DCU Masters student launches survey to explore the effectiveness of the current Flight Time Limitations on safety and fatigue in commercial aviation in Europe. Daily thousands of commercial flights and the lives of countless passengers are heavily dependent upon the implementation of safety regulations to protect the public’s interest. As part of these safety regulations, several amendments have been made to the hours and rest periods in which flight crew can operate to combat fatigue. The 18 th of February 2016 marked the date in which all air operators in Europe must have transitioned to the new Flight Time limitations rules (Reg 83/2014). These amendments take into consideration a paradigm shift in the industry, recognising through scientific research, the cause and consequences of fatigue and their effect on commercial aviation.  It was no longer satisfactory to merely comply with the new rules, airlines now had to establish fatigue risk management to identify their own fati