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Global Trek Aviation welcomes last production Gulfstream G150 to Belfast

Gulfstream G150  The last production Gulfstream G150, serial number 326, still in basic primer, made a night stop with Global Trek Aviation FBO at Belfast International Airport this week enroute from the manufacturing plant in Tel Aviv to the Gulfstream Completions Center at Love Field, Dallas, Texas.   “Both the G150 and the larger G280 have been regular tech stop visitors with GTA our Operations team here are sorry to say goodbye to the popular mid-size business jet transits.  However, they plan to be on hand for further visits of the ever successful and sleek super mid size G280” said Gordon Bingham, GTA General Manager. Developed as an improved version of the highly successful G100 corporate jet with wider and longer cabin and uprated engines the G150 was the first business jet to be certified by the FAA for Stage 4, the industry’s most stringent noise standards. Airframe #326 is expected to be delivered to the customer m