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Boeing delivers first 737-800 with short field performance package to Ryanair

                                                  EI-FZX Boeing 737-800  Boeing yesterday (Saturday 27 May) delivered to Ryanair the first 737-800 with enhanced short runway landing and takeoff capabilities according to a post on Dublin Spotters Facebook Group. The aircraft registered EI-FZX c/n 44791 callsign 'Ryanair 800X' touched down in Dublin at 1526 local after a direct flight from Boeing Field. Ryanair's full year results are scheduled to be released next Tuesday 30 May when further details may become available how the carrier will deploy the 737-800 SFP across it's network. The 737 design enhancements allow operators to fly increased payload in and out of airports with runways less than 5,000 feet long. The design enhancements include a two-position tail skid that enables reduced approach speeds, sealed leading-edge slats that provide increased lift during takeoff, and increased flight spoiler deflection on the ground that improves takeoff and landi