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Ryanair adds seven brand new 737-800 aircraft in May increasing fleet to 398

                                                  Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS  Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair added seven brand new Boeing 737-800s to it's fleet in May increasing fleet to  398 aircraft. The Irish low-cost carrier operates the largest fleet of Next-Generation 737-800s in the world. EI-FZP Boeing 737-800 c/n 44790 Delivered 6 May EI-FZR Boeing 737-800 c/n 44792 Delivered 10 May EI-FZS Boeing 737-800 c/n 44789 Delivered 16 May EI-FZT Boeing 737-800 c/n 44793 Delivered 16 May EI-FZV Boeing 737-800 c/n 44794 Delivered 18 May EI-FZW Boeing 737-800 c/n 44795 Delivered 19 May EI-FZX Boeing 737-800 c/n 44791 Delivered 26 May In FY2018 the carrier is to take delivery of 50 brand new 737-800 aircraft and is scheduled to return three aircraft to lessors for a net fleet increase of 47 aircraft. Ryanair's deliveries will re-commence in September. The construction numbers allocated for Ryanair's autumn and winter deliveries courtsey of NLSPOT Spotters