Sunday, 20 May 2018

Aviofit hosts War of the Airlines (WOA) in Dublin 8 September


The War of the Airlines is a fun, but challenging, fitness event hosted by Aviofit, a company focusing primarily on Aviator’s mental & physical well being, supported by the leading European Airlines. The venue is Morton Stadium Santry on Saturday 8 September running from 0900 to 1430 hours.

The event is designed for all fitness levels, with a focus on teamwork.

Valentina Fitzpatrick Aviofit Founder & CEO said "We no longer need talking when it comes to the measures we can adopt to create new & modern solutions to our human issues in Aviation, we need sustainable actions!. My core believe and aim is to create a new training & education system within the Airlines/training structures to support fully Aviators mentally & emotionally. Ideally I see AvioFit as a satellite entity between regulations/Airlines & Aero-medical, in complete support to Pilots & CCM."

The Airline team who accumulates the most points will win the challenge, and earn the title of “Fittest Airline of the Year”. 

Teams are made up of 4-people: 2 Male & 2 Female (not mandatory).

Participants will undertake a range of events, that consist of the the following individual or combination exercises:

1 - WOA Challenge ( to be released on the day)
2 - 20-50m sprints
3 - body-weight squats
4 - skipping
5 - burpees
6 - body-weight walking lunges
7 - push-ups (wide-arm chest)
8 - box step-ups/jumps
9 - beep test
10 - wall squat
11 - press-ups (narrow-arm triceps)
12 - plank
13 - hang-tough

Each challenge is timed, however all participants may complete the event at their own pace and fitness level.

If you are interested please contact or sign up on Eventbrite.