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Emirates Airlines Targets 85% Load Factor on Dublin Route

                                                  Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-31H(ER) At media briefing in Dublin this week Emirates’ Country Manager Enda Corneille has said that Ireland has been a “stellar” performer for the airline. He added 'If I look out to the future over the next five or six months our advance bookings are 8 to 10 points ahead of last year,” despite fierce competition eastbound from Dublin with the arrival of Qatar Airways with the imminent arrival of Cathay Pacific and Hainan into the market. “We may look at increasing frequency into next year but at the moment it’s about nudging that seat factor higher. It’s at 80 but I think we can get to 85,” As the Irish economy strengthens Emirates Airlines is seeing demand growing in a number of market segments for adventure-seekers in Thailand and Vietnam and Honeymoon and VFR markets and leisure passengers upgrading to business product for the experience. It's sister company Emirates Holidays Irela