Saturday, 23 February 2019

Laudamotion in talks to acquire Airbus A320neo, expands Palma Base

Laudamotion Airbus A321-200
According to a report by the German aviation website "" Laudamotion CEO Andreas Gruber now said that the central to the airlines growth plans is the Airbus A320neo.  The website quoted Gruber as saying "As soon as new planes are available, we want to have new ones."

In the last few weeks Laudamotion CEO Andreas Gruber and Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary held discussions with the aircraft manufacturer in Toulouse. Gruber points out discussions was about the future of the Germania order for 25 Airbus A320neo aircraft "As an Airbus operator, we naturally also have contact with the manufacturer" he stated.

Laudamotion will add a further five new routes in the key German-Palma market following the collapse of Germania with the launch of Palma to Dresden, Erfurt, Rostock, Friedrichshafen and Nuremberg. The carrier is basing a total of four Airbus A320 aircraft in Palma in Summer 2019.

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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 18 February

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 18 February:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 18 February

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 18 February:

Ryanair deploys Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft to London Stansted Base

Image courtesy of Boeing 
Irish budget carrier has announced that it is to deploy the first five new Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft to its London Stansted base. The first aircraft EI-HAT expected to arrive in April launching services from 16 May.

The announcement was made as part of the launch of its Ryanair’s London winter 19 schedule at Stansted which will see the carrier increase capacity on 24 routes for a total of 118 routes carrying 21.5 million per annum an increase of 1%.

Ryanair stated in June 2018 SEC 20F filing that "The new aircraft will be used on new and existing routes to grow Ryanair’s business",

Routesonline listed the full schedule of Boeing 737 MAX 200 routes see here.

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Dublin based Kestral Engineering Delivers 40 Auto-Deflat-Aer Kits to Qantas Airways

Image courtesy of Airbus A380 
Dublin based Kestral Engineering announced the delivery of 40 Auto-Deflat-Aer Kits Part Number 320010-PT29 to Qantas Airways Engineering in Sydney, Australia.

The new kits will be based at Qantas’s home bases and also throughout the world.  If you are operating in a major world airport there is every chance that a kit will be positioned there.The new kit is a development of the original adjustable kit recently supplied to Singapore Airlines.

It's preset in the factory to allow aircraft wheel assemblies to be deflated from operating pressure to 2 Barg (29 PSIG) for the purpose of storage or transportation. The kit also incorporates a unique tamper resistant feature to prevent unauthorised adjustment in the field.

The kits are available to be preset to reduce operational wheel pressures up to 290 PSIG to any reduced pressure in the range 5 to 100 PSIG. The Qantas kits are standardised at 29 PSIG which is the pressure recommended by Airbus.

The kit can accommodate every wheel valve in the world and includes a special adapter for the A380 wheels.

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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Ryanair looking towards Laudamotion fleet replacement from 2023

Laudamotion Airbus A320s at Vienna 
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary speaking on Q3 2019 Results - Earnings Conference call said will start to look at replacing Laudamotion growing leased fleet from 2023 when operating leases begin to expire.

Laudamotion plans to operate 19 Airbus A320s in Summer 2019 growing to 30 aircraft in December 2020 to 40 in 2021 to 50 in 2022. The carrier recently signed LOIs for another 11  Airbus A320 aircraft for next year before December ‘20 on five-year leases.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said "We would like to see new aircraft either from -- preferably from Airbus or from Boeing coming through and replacing those operating leases".  The CEO noted that competitors where deferring Airbus deliveries which could open opportunities.  Germania filed for insolvency at Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg on Monday 4 February the carrier had an order 25 Airbus A320neo's for delivery from January 2020.

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Ryanair updates on Boeing 737 MAX 200 deliveries

Image courtesy of Ryanair 

Ryanair updated the market on Monday 4 February with Q3 results announcing it will take delivery of the first five Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft between April and June (2020Q1 financial reporting period).  From September 2019 and March 2020 the carrier will take delivery of a further 50 aircraft.

Speaking on Q3 Earnings Conference Call Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said "While 10% of the fleet will be MAXs by the end of this financial 2020. It’s really summer 2020 where we see the huge benefits. I think half of that -- those 50 will be reallocated to Ryanair Sun and go onto Polish register, probably, half would be on the Irish register".

Ryanair was the launch customer for the 737 MAX 200 in September 2014 placing an order for 100 aircraft valued at $11 billion at list prices.

The 737 MAX 200 can accommodate up to 200 seats by incorporating a mid-exit door increasing the exit limit providing Ryanair with 11 additional seats enabling significant ancillary revenue potential. The 737 MAX is 14% more fuel efficient than existing Boeing 737-800 aircraft with 5% lower operating costs than 737 MAX 8.

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