Friday, 19 April 2019

Minimal disruption on Emirates Airlines route to Dublin as DXB runway work commences

Boeing 777-300ER image courtesy of Emirates Airlines 
Dubai Airports has confirmed a 45-day closure of the southern runway at Dubai International Airport
(DXB) from 16 April to 30 May for an extensive upgrade to boost capacity, infrastructure and safety levels of the runway.

In January, Emirates Airlines said a significant number of its flights will be impacted by this closure. They have grounded 48 aircraft and reduced 25% of the flights operated by the airline during this 45-day period.

The Dublin route will have minimal disruption in this period as service is reduced slightly from 14 to 11 times weekly with EK161/162 closed for bookings three days weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Emirates carried more than 442,000 passengers on its twice daily Boeing 777-300ER Dublin to Dubai route last year, an increase of 2% and transported close to 10,000 tonnes of Irish exports during 2018. Emirates Holidays launched in Ireland last May in direct response to increasing demand for holiday options in Dubai and the growth in the number of people from Ireland choosing Dubai and other United Arab Emirates destinations.

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