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Dublin based Kestral Engineering Delivers 40 Auto-Deflat-Aer Kits to Qantas Airways

                                                Image courtesy of Airbus A380  Dublin based Kestral Engineering announced the delivery of 40 Auto-Deflat-Aer Kits Part Number 320010-PT29 to Qantas Airways Engineering in Sydney, Australia. The new kits will be based at Qantas’s home bases and also throughout the world.  If you are operating in a major world airport there is every chance that a kit will be positioned there.The new kit is a development of the original adjustable kit recently supplied to Singapore Airlines. It's preset in the factory to allow aircraft wheel assemblies to be deflated from operating pressure to 2 Barg (29 PSIG) for the purpose of storage or transportation. The kit also incorporates a unique tamper resistant feature to prevent unauthorised adjustment in the field. The kits are available to be preset to reduce operational wheel pressures up to 290 PSIG to any reduced pressure in the range 5 to 100 PSIG. The Qantas kits are standardised at 29 PSI