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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 28 September

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 28 September:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 28 September

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 28 September:

South African carrier Airlink represented by AVIAREPS in Ireland

                                                                   AVAIAREPS one of the leading sales agents and marketing companies operating within the travel sector has been appointed to serve as General Sales Agent (GSA) and marketing representative in Ireland by South African carrier Airlink. CEO and Managing Director Rodger Foster Airlink said “We are delighted to appoint AVIAREPS in these key European markets and look forward to working with their team of highly experienced professionals as we engage more closely with customers and industry partners in these territories.” Chief Operating Officer Aviation Oliver Küchler AVIAREPS said “The African tourism industry is now the second-fastest growing in the world, but as demand increases, having reliable and convenient ways to get to and around the continent will become even more important. We are proud to support Airlink’s international growth and their efforts to bring seamless travel options to Europe.”  In 2019 Airlink carried 2

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 21 September

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 21 September:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 21 September

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 21 September:

European Aviation Wellbeing Committee (EAWC) and BeFit2Fly Ltd Announce Strategic Partnership

                                                         Dublin based European Aviation Wellbeing Committee and BeFit2Fly Ltd represented by Valentina Fitzpatrick and Andrea Biundo respectively, proudly announce establishing a partnership agreement between the two organisations. Both entities share the vision of providing pilots with professional support to successfully manoeuvre the current crisis in the aviation industry. BeFit2Fly serves pilots, aviation professionals as well as frequent travellers by providing in depth training and support in physical fitness and nutrition. BeFit2Fly’s support system is tailored around the unique requirements that both aviators and business travellers are facing on a daily basis.  The European Aviation Wellbeing Committee is a non-profit organisation and has the sole purpose of discussing, analysing and proposing practical & sustainable wellbeing solutions specific to the Aviation industry. The Committee works in co-ordination with both EASA an

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 14 September

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 14 September:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 14 September

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 14 September:

SONAS Aviation rebrands as ACASS Ireland adds second Challenger 605

                                                            ACASS announced continued expansion of its global footprint with the formation of ACASS Ireland. The operation combines the resources of Montreal-based ACASS and Irish private aviation operator SONAS Aviation. As an Irish AOC holder it enables free circulation and unfettered traffic rights throughout Europe and the 44 countries covered by EU bilateral agreements including North America. On 23rd June ACASS Ireland took delivery of its second Challenger 605 registered EJ-ROXY MSN 5726 formerly registered as T7-UMT ACASS Canada Ltd routing Farnborough to Shannon.  The aircraft allocated callsign 'SON 002' ACASS Ireland President Graham Williamson told Corporate Jet Investor that ACASS Ireland can offer two components that complement the other ACASS products and services. “Ireland adds a fully Commercial AOC in Europe that can manage aircraft for HNWI [High Net Worth Individuals] and corporate clients who need European reg

GainJet Ireland gains another Gulfstream G550

                                                             GainJet Ireland has added another Gulfstream G550 to its growing fleet the aircraft registered EJ-KGRP MSN 5050 formerly OE-IKH was delivered Farnbourgh to Shannon on 15 August.  The aircraft is allocated callsign 'GJI 55H' operating its first revenue service to Nice on 7th September. The aircraft is registered to  KGP Aviation Ltd at Shannon Airport House, Shannon Free Zone, Shannon, Co. Clare according to Flying In Ireland aircraft register and is to alternate between GainJet's Athens and Shannon bases reports Business Air News.  GainJet president, Captain Ramsey Shaban said “We're excited about this new addition to our fleet. With the current worldwide situation impacted by COVID-19, we take pride in being able to continue to serve our clients to the best of our abilities, which includes expanding the fleet to fit with their needs. The comfort, size and range the G550 offers combined with its onboard featur

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 8 September

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 8 September:

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 8 September

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 8 September:

Podcast: Gearing up: Exploring a career in leasing and asset management

 Podcast: Gearing up: Exploring a career in leasing and asset management:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 31 August

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 31 August:

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 31 August

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 31 August:

Introducing ‘SAM’; A New Solution for the Aviation Industry

 Introducing ‘SAM’; A New Solution for the Aviation Industry:

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 24 August

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 24 August:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 24 August

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 24 August:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 17 August

 Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 17 August:  

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 17 August

 Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 17 August: