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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 2 March

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 2 March:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 2 March

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 2 March:

Norwegian Re-Registers first Boeing 737-8 MAX Aircraft stored at Dublin

                                                  EI-FYE Boeing 737-8 MAX  Norwegian Air Shuttle has completed an intra-group transfer from Norwegian Air International to Norwegian Air Sweden, this week of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft in storage at Dublin Airport since the global fleet grounding in March 2019. Skyliner Aviation reports EI-FYC Boeing 737-8 MAX MSN 42825 was re-registered at Dublin 4th March as SE-RYL to Norwegian Air Sweden and its sistership EI-FYH to be re-registered as SE-RYF on 5th March. According to reader David Hennigan as of Saturday 7th March was still registered as EI-FYH. Norwegian Air Sweden is a subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA operating in Sweden. Norwegian received and AOC from the Swedish Transport Agency and took delivery of its first Swedish registered Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft at Stockholm Arlanda Airport on 21st November 2018. Norwegian Air Sweden has a fleet of 48 Boeing 737-800, 8 Boeing 737-8 MAX (Storage) and 3 Boeing 787-9