2-EATA ATR72-600 Silver Airways delivered over Dublin Airport



Silver Airways is the first North American operator of the ATR72-600 which positions itself as “America’s leading independent airline” based in Fort Lauderdale delivered an ATR72-600 through Dublin last month.

The aircraft 2-EATA MSN ATR72-212A(600) MSN 1038 between 8-13 April routed  Toulouse Francazal-Glasgow-Dublin-Keflavik-Narsarsuaq-Goose Bay-Montréalto its Fort Lauderdale Base.  The aircraft was formerly operated by Nordica as ES-ATA and operated a series to flights to Dublin on behalf of Loganair in February 2019.

The aircraft entered service on 13th May operating Fort Lauderdale to Orlando then a return sector to Huntsville before returning to its Fort Lauderdale base.

Image courtesy of Elevationair

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