EI-SIA Airbus A320neo SAS Ireland restored to Irish Registry


SAS Ireland has restored a second Airbus A320neo to the Irish Registry. SE-DYC Airbus A320-251N msn 7897 was restored as EI-SIA on 8th October according to German Aviation website Skyliner Aviation. 

The aircraft positioned Stockholm Arlanda to Oslo on 8th October as SL9160 entering service same day to and from Brussels (BRU) as SAS4745/46.

The carrier operates a total of nine Airbus A320-251N registered as EI-SIA, EI-SIB, EI-SIC, EI-SID, EI-SIE, EI-SIF, EI-SIG, EI-SIH and EI-SII.

Scandinavian Airlines Connect Ltd, also known as SAS Ireland or SAIL, is an Irish subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), and by extension SAS Group.

Image courtesy of SAS Airlines Ireland 

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