Ryanair Group added six Boeing 737-8200 to fleet October


The Ryanair Group added six Boeing 737-8200 aircraft in October with deliverers to subsidiaries to Buzz (Poland), Malta Air and Ryanair DAC.

9H-VUO  Boeing 737-8200 c/n 65884 Malta Air Delivered Tuesday 26th October.

9H-VUN   Boeing 737-8200 c/n 65886 Malta Air Delivered Friday 22nd October.

SP-RZA Boeing 737-8200 c/n 62314 Buzz Delivered Wednesday 20th October.

9H-VUL Boeing 737-8200 c/n 62332 Malta Air Delivered  Saturday 16th October.

9H-VUM  Boeing 737-8200 c/n 65084 Malta Air Delivered  Wednesday 13th October.

SP-RZB Boeing 737-8200 c/n 62313 Buzz Delivered Friday 1st October.

Image Credit: Ryanair 

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