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PH-CKC Boeing 747-400F KLM Cargo operates Miami Horse Charter

                                                      The Boeing 747 is becoming an increasingly rare visitor to Dublin as a result of a number of operators accelerating the retirement of the type due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.   On Wednesday 7th April PH-CKC Boeing 747-406F(ER) msn 33696 operated by Martinair Holland visited Dublin operating an inbound horse charter from Miami with the aircraft touching at 1533 local as MPH6122 departing to Amsterdam at 1748 local. According to Flightradar prior to operating the Dublin sector the aircraft operated Amsterdam to Bogota on the 6th April then operated Bogota to Miami arriving at 0039 local on 7th April. KLM Cargo operates a fleet of 4 Boeing 747-400ERF and 6 Boeing 787-10 aircraft. Image courtesy of Elevationair  Irish Aviation Research Institute © 11 April 2021 All Rights Reserved

UTAir Boeing 767-200 operates UNIFIL Troop Charter

                                                                   Russian airline UTAir operated a UNIFIL Troop Charter on behalf of the Department of Defence using VP-BAL Boeing 767-224(ER) msn 30439. The aircraft positioned Moscow Vnukovo to Dublin on Tuesday 6th April as UTA9135 arriving 1345 local. The next morning the aircraft operated a same return to Damascus as UTA9136 departing at 0753 local returning at 2235 local. The aircraft departed back to Moscow Vnukovo as UTA9138 at 2355 local. UTair Aviation is a Russian airline based at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport (HMA). It is the third largest Russian carrier by passenger volume. The airline serves over 60 destinations in 11 countries across Europe and Asia using a fleet of ATR72, Boeing 737 classics and Boeing 737 next generation and 3 Boeing 767-200 aircraft. Image courtesy of Elevationair   Irish Aviation Research Institute © 11 April 2021 All Rights Reserved

Ethiopian Cargo operates Dublin Boeing 777 charter flight

                                                    Ethiopian Cargo operated a once off Dublin Boeing Boeing 777-F60 flight on 29-30 March by ET-ARJ msn 42033. The aircraft operated Maastricht to Dublin as ETH3639 arriving 1926 local departing at 2333 local using same flight to Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Cargo operates a fleet of 13 dedicated freighters including 10 Boeing B777-200LRF and 3 Boeing B737-800F serving  57 global destinations in Africa, the Gulf, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas with an annual cargo uplift of 432,417 tons. Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services in the strategic road map of Ethiopian - Vision 2025 envisions to be a full-fledged profit centre with annual revenue of $ 2 Billion, 19 dedicated aircraft, 62 global freighter destinations and annual tonnage of 820,000 tons. Image courtesy of Elevationair   Irish Aviation Research Institute © 11 April 2021 All Rights Reserved