Ryanair Group takes delivery of 65th Boeing 737 Max 8200, Ireland based Ryanair DAC largest operator


The Ryanair Group took delivered of its 65th Boeing 737 Max 8200 this week with EI-HGE Boeing 737-8200 msn 62311 Ryanair DAC routing direct Boeing Field (BFI) to Dublin (DUB) on Thursday 20th April as 'RYR82E' arriving 1518 local.

The current Ryanair Group Boeing 737-8200 fleet is Buzz (12), Malta Air (24) and Ryanair DAC (29). 

According to the latest data available from Planespotters.net the Ryanair has 496 aircraft in service including 468 Boeing 737-800/8200 (Buzz, Malta Air, Ryanair DAC, Ryanair UK) and 29 Airbus A320-200 (Lauda Europe).

According to a number of aviation sources including Boeing Family Flights, Planespotters.net, Woodys Aeroimages the Ryanair Group is take delivery of a further four aircraft for Ryanair DAC registered as EI-HGL, EI-HGM, EI-HGF & EI-HGH. 

The Ryanair Group Polish subsidiary Buzz is due take delivery of a single aircraft registered as SP-RZM and Malta Air subsidiary has a further three aircraft 9H-VUZ, 9H-VVA, 9H-VVC on production line.

Image Credit: Ryanair 

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