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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) operates football charter flights to Dublin and Ireland West

                                                                  From May 10 to June 10, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) operated at maximum effort supporting its  National Team of Ukraine and the Youth Team of Ukraine , including opening match of the UEFA Nations League match in Dublin on 8th June at the Aviva Stadium, UR-PSF Boeing 737-84R(WL) msn 38120 operated a charter from Poznan (POZ) to Dublin, Ukraine scored a  1-0 victory against Ireland.  Ireland West Airport Knock on Friday 22nd July hosted UR-EMA Embraer E190STD msn 19000494 AUI3004/7736 from Prague (PRG) and departing to Maribor (MBX)  Slovenian operating a football charter on behalf of NŠ Mura for their flight back to Slovenia. They played out a 1-1 draw against St Patrick’s Athletic in Dublin in the Europa Conference League. Image Credit: Damian Bracken  Irish Aviation Research Institute © 24 July All Rights Reserved