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Air Contractors (Ireland) Limited is a freight and passenger airline. It operates scheduled freight services throughout Europe on behalf of major integrators such as FedEx Feeder and DHL Express. In addition it operates passenger charter services from Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airports to European Holiday destinations using its Boeing 737-300 EI-STA in Europe Airpost colours.

Air Contractors is the only operator of a civil registered Lockheed L-100 Hercules aircraft in Europe. The aircraft, EI-JIV, is based at East Midlands airport in the UK.

EI-OZJ Airbus A300B4-622R(F) c/n 770 Operated for Air Hong Kong

EI-OZK Airbus A300B4-622R(F) c/n 683 Operated for Air Hong Kong

EI-FXA ATR42-300F c/n 282

EI-FXB ATR42-300F c/n 243 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXC ATR42-300F c/n 310 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXD ATR42-300F c/n 273 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXE ATR42-300F c/n 327 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXG ATR72-202F c/n 224 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXI ATR72-202F c/n 294 Operated for Fedex

EI-FXJ ATR72-202F c/n 292

EI-FXK ATR72-202F c/n 256 Operated for Fedex

EI-LBR Boeing 757-2Q8(ET)/W c/n 28167 leased from ILFC operated for Aer Lingus

EI-LBS Boeing 757-2Q8(ET)/W c/n 27623 leased from ILFC operated for Aer Lingus

EI-LBT Boeing 757-2Q8(ET)/W c/n 28170 leased from ILFC operated for Aer Lingus

EI-REJ ATR72-201 c/n 126

EI-SLA ATR42-300F c/n 149 Leased to Mistral Air

EI-SLF ATR72-201F c/n 157

EI-SLG ATR72-202F c/n 183

EI-SLH ATR72-202F c/n 210

EI-SLI ATR42-300 c/n 115 Leased to Canary Fly

EI-SLJ ATR72-201 c/n 324

EI-SLK ATR72-212F c/n 395

EI-STA Boeing 737-31S c/n 29057 operated in Europe Airpost colours

EI-STB Boeing 737-476(SF) c/n 24440

EI-STC Boeing 737-476(SF) c/n 24446

EI-STD Boeing 737-476(SF) c/n 24433

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